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An independent student publication in the Charlottesville and U.Va. community


Q* Anthology of Queer Culture is a student-run annual literary magazine and online platform that publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art related to LGBTQ+ (or queer) culture. The magazine’s goals are twofold: to create a platform for a range of queer voices by offering authors and artists an outlet to share their opinions and ideas, and to promote dialogue on queer issues between the queer and non-queer communities. As the only student-run journal focusing on LGBTQ+ culture at the University of Virginia, Q* gathers otherwise untold stories for the University community.


​​​​Editor-in-Chief: Kasey Roper (kr2ka@virginia.edu)

Alumni advisors:

Mitchell Wellman (wellman.mitch@gmail.com)

Jack Chellman (jhc8ag@virginia.edu)

Kyle Gename (kjg5cu@virginia.edu)