Our staff has complete creative control over which pieces are accepted, how the pieces are edited, and how the magazine comes together. Submissions are reviewed by a team of copy editors and a smaller group of two to three executive editors. In a final stage, editors review the content in more detail, refining flow, syntax, and general layout. Approved pieces will be formatted and published online and/or in print by a team of production editors. Print work is selected based on content quality.

  • Submissions should be original and should relate to LGBTQ culture in some way — broadly defined. Anyone, regardless of identity, may submit pieces (we accept submissions from allies and other non-LGBTQ identifying people).

  • There are no length requirements or restrictions. Some pieces are one page; others are dozens.

  • Format submissions as either .docx or .pdf in a legible 12-point font.

  • There is no specific deadline for online publication, as we work on a rolling basis. However, if you wish to be published in our spring print edition, submissions must be received by February 1 that year. If your submission is accepted, we will notify you via email within 1-2 weeks of the submission date.

  • Please include at the top of your submission your name, school, program of study (or major), year, pronouns, and any other cool information you wish to share about yourself.

  • Email submissions to

PLEASE NOTE: If you submit work to Q* you may not publish or submit it elsewhere before or while waiting for a response from our team.

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