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(Cry)stal Method

Nights like these

when I feel the walls turning yellow and the stainless crystal glass bell jar surrounding me,

I think of u

I think of u inside out

ur skin ur kiss

I ache

And look at the pictures,

two girls in a frame

some of me some of u

most of us in soft embrace

Blank face and awake

When my hands take ahold of my heart’s intention

and I reach for my phone

My stomach can't bear it so I wait

then I call and

I forget to speak

But u knew it was me

U can taste my tears thru the phone can't u?



College of Arts & Sciences

Class of 2022, English, Creative Writing concentration

Drama minor

Myka is a writer, poet, and filmmaker who was born and raised in Richmond, Va.. In 2019, she began writing her first book, entitled Sanity Slip Songs, a collection of personal prose and poetry from the ages of fourteen to nineteen. With this, she attempts to confront the barriers between her identity and art production and has found sanction in the writings of Miranda July, Otessa Moshfegh, K-Ming Chang, Roxanne Gay, and Carmen Maria Machado. Her prose and poetry has been published in Iris Mag, Cut x Sewn Magazine, the feminist online journal That's What She Said, and the online zine Plasma Dolphin. Along with writing, she is a filmmaker and has been writing and directing short films through Filmmakers Society on Grounds and through a Richmond-based production company called HOMA Pictures. This past summer she worked as a Production Designer for Micah Watson's (UVA Class of '18) web series, “Black Enough.”

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