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How Did I Get Here and Where Do I Go from Here?

Living in color is a scary thing.


But listen, that is alright.

Here, it’s I and I

Let uncertainty be your guiding light.

I have no compass.

I have no map.

I don’t know the limit of what I can do.

I don’t know where I am heading.

I don’t have a particular place in mind.

But I have no reason to go back.

Sometimes, the darkness lets us see who we really are.



she, her, hers

College of Arts & Sciences

Class of 2023, Undeclared

Sam intends to major in History. Her second year she plans to apply to the Distinguished Majors Program. She attended art school for five years and enjoys writing prose. Some of her artistic influences include Mozart, Voltaire, Héloïse Letissier, and Jonathan Swift. The idea for the poem first came to her mind during an introspective exercise from First Year Orientation at UVA. She drew inspiration from a vague sense of confusion and fear that lingered in the back of her mind. After receiving positive feedback from her peers, she decided to develop the idea further until it reached its final form published here.

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