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March 24th Pt. 1


That’s all I wish.

For you to hold tightly to the crushed velvet and blood

That calls for you.

Sanguine takes some getting used to,

But you won’t regret it.

Actually, I’m sure you will

Because ragged glass is nestled inside,

Ready to cut if you search too deep.

“Keep at the shallow end,”

That’s what they tell kids who can’t swim

To keep them protected.

But you can drown in an inch of water,

Or love, or blood, or anything that keeps

Building, building, building

Until your eyes are covered

And your senses numbed.

I’ve created the perfect storm.

You pity the luxurious velvet with the sweatshop origins.

Sure, hold it close,

But watch for the shattered glass.



she, her, hers

College of Arts & Sciences

Class of 2022, Interdisciplinary

Indiyah is pursuing an interdisciplinary major that focuses on public policy that affects Black women and sexual minorities. These pieces were an ode to reformation of the self and love. They are wholeheartedly influenced by the spirit of both in Indiyah's life. Indiyah's inspiration comes from poets and songwriters, like Audre Lorde and Solange. And like them, she hopes to focus on the beauty of feeling, unabashedly.

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