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My Sleeping Angel

On the Sunday morning that the two of us spent

lying on my dorm room bed,

the harsh sound of rain was constant

and pierced the noises being made in the common hall.

I had my computer resting on my lap

while my fingers leisurely circled the keyboard,

still taking breaks to watch you sleep.

My favorite mug filled with caramel espresso

sat at my bedside, waiting to be picked up.

The drowsy weather made the room a shade of grey,

yet some light peeked through to shine on him,

making his skin a lighter color. His muscular arm

bent over the pillow exposing his tattoo

that read Indomitable. His head cocked slightly to the side,

which made his black hair-the curve of a perfect ocean wave-

visible to me. His eyes were closed. They closed harder

when his body twitched; he was dreaming.



he, him, his

College of Arts & Sciences

Class of 2022, Psychology

Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies minor

Jake is a student athlete on the UVA Swim and Dive Team. He has always loved poetry and writing to express himself during times of hardship and stress. However, he was finally able to take a poetry class during his second semester in college, when he wrote these pieces. During this time, he explored his sexuality and feelings about his first relationship with a man. He took another poetry class in the fall semester, and cannot wait to continue to develop his writing skills.


“This is based on a moment. In this moment, I felt the utmost contentment.”

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