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Ode to the Dancers

Persecuted desires in pitch black rave-parlors play pretend-dance on tables teetering toward


viewed through pin-holes wait, no, I’m sorry, bullet-holes into the love now wounded because of bold, brave men and women compelled to glance, not at each other, nor the same other, but toward the soft rain

riddled pockets of moonlight puncture drywall, windows, skin in an attempt to raise the spirits

an alone-boy gently traces his steps, discovering the moonlight was a street lamp and he was still without a voice



he, him, his

College of Arts & Sciences

Class of 2020, English & Media Studies

Alex loves to write short stories (mostly in the genres of young adult fiction and science fiction) and poetry when he's feeling particularly inspired. He currently works at the Writing Center, which combines his passions for writing and helping others. His goal is to work in publishing, specifically young adult fiction, to help share stories with those who need it most in terms of shaping their identities—kids and teens. He also loves to run and cook despite being mediocre at both. His other, more creative, involvement is his position as a peer reviewer/editor at the Movable Type Media Studies Journal.


“Ode to the Dancers” was inspired by Andrea Gibson's poetry, specifically her spoken-word poem “Orlando,” which is an elegy for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Alex's poem reflects on the anxieties queer people face while holding up their ability to endure in an increasingly volatile political/social climate. Other artists he admires are the gay, young adult fiction writer Adam Silvera, as well as two of his favorite poets, Walt Whitman and Robert Frost.

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