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One & Only

“Tonight, I just want to hold you,” he said; so, that’s what we did. I slept inside his built arms, he slept in mine. The light peeking through the white curtains woke first me, then he.

The birds chirped. His muscular body pressed up against me. My hand rested on the small of his back, his on my hip. I smiled at his beauty.

His ebony eyes, eyebrows, and hair accentuated his rosy lips. Stunning. Awake now, his neck bent forward and his eyes closed again. I knew what was near.

His soft, perfect lips made contact with mine, pace escalating within seconds. All of my insecurities vanished when we moved as one. I followed his lead like a Swan Lake flawless duet, and for once it was easy, right.

His tight embrace provided me comfort, and his touch made the skin on my back electric. I wished to look at him for eternity and peck every inch of his beautiful body. I did not want to leave that bed, our private paradise.

I wondered if what I experienced—those overwhelming sensations down my spine, legs, and hands each time his extensions danced across and in my pale skin—was only my virgin body reacting to a man, sole sexual attraction.

After that morning the answer came when we parted, when I felt meaningless and empty without him.

I realized, after one night, I only belonged in his arms. Our constructed architectures, that complement one another like puzzle pieces, were deliberately designed to be together. I was meant to spend my life with him: my first and only man.



he, him, his

College of Arts & Sciences

Class of 2022, Psychology

Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies minor

Jake is a student athlete on the U.Va. Swim and Dive Team. He has always loved poetry and writing to express himself during times of hardship and stress. However, he was finally able to take a poetry class during his second semester in college, when he wrote these pieces. During this time, he explored his sexuality and feelings about his first relationship with a man. He took another poetry class in the fall semester, and cannot wait to continue to develop his writing skills.


“I wanted to explore my feelings about my current relationship with a man. Although I enjoy my vulnerability, I am more proud of my writing in this poem. This poem was revised for 6 months to reach its final product.”

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